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National Reading and Numeracy Tests -Profion Darllen a Rhifedd Cenedlaethol


In line with all children in Wales, Y2 to Y6 will be undertaking National Tests in Reading and Maths during the period 2nd May to the 9th May 2018. The time leading up to 2nd May is very important preparation time for the children so please ensure that the children do not miss any unnecessary time out of school.


The children will sit three tests:


Reading – This is made up of short questions based on two or more texts. Some of the questions check how well the text has been understood, others aim to find out if children are able to make judgements about what they are reading.


Numeracy – of which there are two kinds of numeracy tests:

The procedural test measures skills in number, measuring and data skills.

The reasoning test measures how well children can use what they know to solve everyday problems.

National Reading and Numeracy Tests 2017 - Animated Guide for Parents and Carers

This short animation talks parent and carers through the National Reading and Numeracy Test reports in 2017.

Parent Information for National Tests