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 Welcome to the Nursery Webpage!

         Our Nursery Practitioners are: Mrs Hinds-Payne, Miss McLaughlin,                   

Mrs Matthews (am), Miss Malpas (pm), Mrs Perrington (am),

Miss Palfrey (am) and Mrs Hawkins (Thursday pm)





Spring Term


 We have been on a journey to Jalango this term. 

Check out the nursery photo gallery to see what we've been doing.





                                                            Autumn Term                            





 baby brains


Welcome to Our New Friends

In Nursery, we have been welcoming our new friends. We remembered our first day at Nursery and who was there to help us.

We have been sharing some of our favourite stories at story time.  Here are a few of our favourites you may like to share. 


Click for HERE for 'Owl Babies' (link updated)

Click for HERE for 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' (link updated)

Click HERE for 'Baby Brains'

Click HERE for 'The Kissing Hand'




* From tiny beginnings, great things grow! *



RE: Myself ~ Domestic Church (family) 


This topic helps your child(ren) think about their value and uniqueness and the wonder and mystery of life.  God creates each person in love, in his own image and likeness.  God knows and loves each person.

Perhaps at home you could talk about how you chose your child's name.  Does their name have a special meaning?  Are they name after a special person or place?  Was their name chosen because it suited them or because you loved the sound of it?





 full moon



The Moon Festival


Moon (Moon Cake or Mid-Autumn) Festival falls on 27th September this year.  During the week beginning 28th September, we will explore this Chinese festival as well as the traditions around it.


 We will find out:

  • All about the legend of Houyi and his wife Chang'E
  • That the Moon celebration is outside under a full moon
  • That family and friends all over China and the world share ‘Moon Cakes’
  • The festival falls on the 8th full moon of the year

We plan to:

  • Paint and decorate full moons.
  • Share snack and special biscuits all under the full moon (provided by the smart board!)
  • Enjoy Chinese music, played all day long.
  • Listen the story of Houyi - the ten suns


Click HERE to watch the story of the Moon Festival.


 il 570xN.377547602 nqto


Owl Babies - 1,2,3!


We are counting everything in Nursery: shoes, Owl babies, fingers, toes.  We even count in Welsh - un, dau, tri!  Here's an easy Welsh question to ask: "Sawl un?" (How many?) when you are counting at home or out-and-about.

Counting games and activities are great fun. Click HERE to play some exciting games. Have fun!


There are super,fun games in Welsh (with English/pictures to help!) HERE including a counting game using 'Sawl...?'


















 Song Time!


We are learning some Welsh songs this term.

We like to say, 'Good Morning/Afternoon' and 'How are you?' and we are learning to sing our greetings in Welsh.  You can join in at home by clicking HERE.


We will be learning a song about Mr Happy ('Mistar Hapus' in Welsh) and his friends.  You can join in at home by clicking HERE.


Mr Hapus ydw i, ydw i. Ha-ha-ha!                     Mr Happy am I, am I. Ha-ha-ha!

Mr Hapus ydw i, ydw i. Ha-ha-ha!                    Mr Happy am I, am I. Ha-ha-ha!

Mr Hapus ydw i, Mr Hapus ydw i.                     Mr Happy am I. Mr Happy am I

Mr Hapus ydw i. Ha-ha-ha.                              Mr Happy am I. Ha-ha-ha!


Mr Trist ydw i, ydw i. Bw-hw-hw!                    Mr Sad am I, am I. Boo-hoo-hoo!


Mr Tawel ydw i, ydw i. Shh! Shh!                     Mr Quiet am I, am I. Shh! Shh!


Mr Swnllyd ydw i, ydw i. Hw-re!                       Mr Noisy am I, am I. Hooray!



We are also enjoying songs with accompanying Makaton signs.

You can join in with one of our favourites at home by clicking HERE.