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                                 Pupil Job Roles and Responsibilities       


Welcome to our employment page all about the jobs that we as pupils have to apply for and work hard to keep all year.




Junior PCSO's 

The Junior PCSO's for 2015-16 are:


Their responsibilities are to monitor the parking around our school at the beginning and end of the school day. They work closely with our Community Police Officer and PCSO's to ensure that our school and surrounding area are safer at busy times. Click HERE for information.


Peer Supporters

The Peer Supporter's for 2015-16 are: 


Our peer supporters are always on hand during break times and lunchtimes to support other children and set a great example to others.


digital leader 

Digital Leaders 

The Digital Leaders are member of the ICT Club that contribute to the school website, newsletter, digital projects, update photo galleries and our school blog.           


Young Sports Leaders 

The Young Sport Leaders run the 'In the Zone' activities during breaktimes and lunchtime. They have completed training and earned a recognised certificate as a Young Sports Leader.

 helpwr heddiw

Helpwr Heddiw

The Helpwr Heddiw's are selected weekly by class teachers. They are recognised by their badges and support the use of the 'Cymraeg Bob Dydd' at our school throughout the school day.