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A tribute to Mrs Hinds-Payne

Most of you may have heard the sad news about Mrs Hinds-Paynes passing away on January 2nd. We are very upset to have to say goodbye to her as she was such an big impact to our school. On Friday the 9th February we had our own special memorial Mass. Rubie and Daniel in Year 6 spoke about some of our favourite memories of her, whilst Mrs Mclaughlin played a lovely powerpoint full of pictures of her and her family.

          We all have some lovely memories of Mrs Hinds-Payne. Here are a few;

 "I remember when I was afraid to hold the baby chicks and she held them for me." Daniel Year 6

"When she played the guitar."Mia Year 5

"I loved it every time I saw her she would lighten up everyone's day."Monica Year 6 

"Mrs Hinds-payne told me to always look after Adam when he was sad."Isabeau Year 5

"She was the kindest most thoughtful person you would be lucky to meet in your life. Mr Bean fellow teacher

"She always played the ukulele" Mya Year 2

"I loved her music" Lara Year 2 


         Everyone in St Bernadettes wrote their own special memories and drew pictures. These were all put into a book and given to the family, to show how much she meant to us. We are all donating money to the charity 'Marie Curie'. This money will go towards people who are suffering the same disease as Mrs Hinds-Payne had. 

         Her funeral was at St Peters Church on January 23rd. Our Head Boy and Head Girl read a bidding prayer out in respect to Mrs Hinds-Payne and her family.

        We pray that Mrs Hinds-Payne rests in peace and will always be apart of us in her everlasting home with God. Amen