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Book genres






There are many types of books in the world known by lots and lots of people. Here are some of the book genre names and what they are about.

One of the book genres are: Non-Fiction. They come in many different ways. These are just some of the information books Fact books, Thesauruses, Dictionaries, Cook books, and we can't forget the bible! These were just some of the Non-Fiction books I thought of.








Another book genre could be: Fiction books. These books are the opposite of Non Fiction books. They are made up so they are not real. A few Fiction books that exist are Fairy tales, Joke books, Diary's that are made up, Fables, Books about creatures that aren't real and many more that I didn't think of.



A scary book might be called: a horror book. A Horror book is a type of book some people find scary and some people don't. Horror books may have zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and many more scary creatures.  


Another type of book is an: Action/Adventure book. These books are about saving things or people. Examples of Action/Adventure books are: Harry Potter and many more.