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Calendar of Christmas Kindness

1st of December : Give someone a smile.

2nd of December : Welcome someone into your game.

3rd of December :Say thank you to someone.

4th of December :Talk to someone you don't usually talk to.

5th of December :Make a prayer so you can thank God.

6th of December :  Do a chore around the house to help someone at home.

7th of December :Think about the true meaning of Christmas.

8th of December :Listen to someone, just listen.

9th of December :Tell a friend that you enjoy their company.

10th of December :Show someone love.

11th of December :Do meditation for 1 minute, clear your mind.

12th of December :Tell someone a joke, make them laugh.

13th of December :Pray for someone who needs your help.

14th of December :Think, why did the wise men come to Jesus?

15th of December :How lucky are you? What gift has God given you?

16th of December : Make a Christmas card for your friends.

17th of December :How can you make someone at home happy?

18th of December :God has given you a heart for love, have you used it today?

19th of December :What is your favorite present you are giving and why?

20th of December :Draw a picture of someone you love.

21st of December : Ask someone if you can help them today.

22nd of December :Make sure you say please and thank you.

23rd of December :Sing a Christmas carol about Jesus.

24th of December :Be happy, see if it rubs off on others.

By Erin Connaughton