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This page may contain spoilers for the new film: The Last Jedi!

If you are gonna watch this film and don't Obi-Want (Pun!) a spoiler,

DO NOT I repeat:


Read this article!

Anyway, On with the article!

Last week, The Eighth Chapter of the Star Wars Series rushed in to the big screen and before that, some questions were floating around before the advent of the movie:

Would Kylo Ren be more mad than ever?

Would an original character die? (Spoilers ;) )

Who is Snoke?

What are AT-M6s?

Why are Porgs adorable?

All these questions are not answered, so we have to guess the answer.

Anyway, this article will tell facts, about the production, Answers to some questions of the Tenth (Yes, tenth, because there is the Clone wars Movie and Rogue One) installment of the Star Wars Series!

Punch it Chewie!


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

The trailer for the new movie!