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Reception Christmas Concert




On Monday 4th December Reception acted out the Nativity. They started off by showing us the servants and what they did for the Bossy King. One of them ironed the King's clothes, another cleaned, the other one polished his crown, and another tucked the king in bed. Afterwards the servants sang a song and gave the king scarfs. Then some Angels came and told the Bossy King about the Good News that the Saviour Jesus Christ is going to be born and that you must follow the big shiny Star .The King then set of with his servants and followed the shiny star on his Camel. Eventually they got to the stable where they met the three wise men by mistake he thought was the saviour. Then he saw the little baby and found the mistake he did. The bossy king gave his crown to the baby because he knew that baby Jesus was the real king. Since that day, everybody stopped calling him the bossy king, because he wasn't bossy anymore.