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Year 6 Bristol Zoo trip!


By Chloe Bellringer  21.12.17

On Friday 15th December Year 6 went on a school trip to Bristol Zoo! ''We waited for patiently for our bus to come, finally we saw it in the distance we all couldn't help being excited. We all got on the bus and found our seats as we made our way to our destination.'' Meanwhile all the children talked, sang and told jokes on the bus, they were bursting with excitement. ''After about an hour we arrived at Bristol Zoo, Mr Bean talked to us about the great day ahead of us, he said we were having a workshop on the polar experience and were going on a trail to see plenty of animal enclosures such as; Gorilla Island; Monkey Jungle; Reptile House etc.''

            ''Before we headed to our workshop we saw some pretty pink, one legged flamingos, they were all lined up in an orderly fashion taking it in turns to go into the cold water.''


After the flamingos we headed to the workshop area where we met our leader, Katie. She took us into a room full of old artifacts and donated animal fur. We also saw different animal body parts such as a Walrus tusk and a Narwhals tooth. We watched a video narrated by 'David Attenborogh' about how Polar Bears catch their prey. During the video it showed how good a Polar Bears technique is for catching seals, it swims under the cold water surface until it was behind the seal, it then makes its move and leaps on the the seal. Luckily for the seal in this video the Polar Bear failed to attempt its great catch.    

         After that Katie told us to pair up and get a whiteboard and pen to write down either questions or facts about these different artefacts. We then all sat down together and discussed our opinions. We found out that penguins have a blubber coat for warmth out in the freezing, harsh Antarctic weathers and how an Arctic fox changes its colour of fur during the different seasons. Katie showed us a full sized Narwhal tooth that a male would have for breaking through ice and for self-defence.

       After what felt not very long Katie took us outside of the room and told us to get our coats, sadly the session was over. Mr Bean rounded everybody up and told us we were going to see loads of other animals like, gorillas, monkey, snakes and even more. We got given a booklet with different questions about each animal and a pencil to write with. We then got ready to set off on our terrific trail around Bristol Zoo!

           We had great fun watching all of the animals especially the gorillas who were extremely funny. Half way through we stopped to have a bite of lunch where we were joined with a family of seagulls, 3 pigeons and 2 ducks.


Lastly we went to the shop to get some souvenirs, there were so many great things like, mood rings, teddies, magnets, bags and millions more! Mood rings seemed the most popular as almost everybody in the class got one.

              Unfortunately our day was over, after the shop we walked over to where the bus was collecting us, after a short while it came to pick us up. we climbed on, got into our seats and drove back home. 

           It had been the best school trip Year 6 had ever been on, thank you Mr Bean, Miss Tierney and Mrs Scotcher!