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Year 6 News Reports

Watch the videos below for help on...
What makes a good news story? BBC News at 10 presenter Huw Edwards tells you the top tips to Finding the News.

How to gather the News

How to put together your news stories? Where to start? BBC News at 10 top presenter Huw Edwards gives you the top tips on Gathering News.

How to write the news

You've got your interviews, you've got your facts. What do you do will all of these!!! BBC News top presenter Huw Edwards comes to your rescue with some handy tips on Writing the News.

Broadcasting the news

Ok, you've managed to put together your news story. What to do with it? Publish it, of course! BBC News at 10 main presenter gives you top tips to get that report out there.


As part of 'Fairtrade Fortnight' Year 6 have been researching Fairtrade. We have used a variety of sources to locate information, written a non-chronological report, newspaper report, filmed a news report, completed Padlet work on Fairtrade, Voted using Plicker and completed Power Points on aspects of Faitrade. 

Padlet What I Know...

Padlet What I Have Learned...


Add to the Padlet anything that you already know about Fair Trade.

Remember:  Take care what you post as it is online immediately for everyone to see. Check your spellings too!


Minecraft has been used at St Bernadette's for the past 2 years in Year 5 and 6. Not everyone thinks it is a useful educational resource but more like a 'Gimmick'. What do you think? Read the overview on the Minecraft Education website to look for the benefits of Minecraft in the classroom. 

Read Tom Bennett's article HERE.


We are working with Darran Park Primary School in Ferndale, Llandough Primary in the Vale, St Gabriel and Raphael in Tonypandy and Penygraig Primary School to evaluate Mr Bennett's writing, his viewpoint and findings.

Is there balance to his argument? What are the main points? Summarise the article. 


Can you use your Thinking Hats to organise your ideas? What are the facts? How does the article make you feel? What are the benefits or shortcomings of using Minecraft in the classroom?


Remember that we are planning to write a balanced argument first which we can then use to have a debate with teachers, government and Mr Bennett about the use of Minecraft in the classroom.

Read Mr Protheroe from Darran Park's view HERE.





In Year 6 English we have been looking at Eye of the Wolf by Daniel Pennac. We have written narrative accounts from the wolf's perspective and described the conditions for the wolf in his cage. The children can read the book via their Wordsmith online account. We have also researched Captain Scott of the Antarctic and written Biographies about Scott on our J2E accounts on Hwb+. During the last week of term, it coincided with the 50th Anniversary of Aberfan disaster. Year 6 researched the events of the day and produced news reports of the disaster.

In our Maths work so far we have revised Place Value and consolidated our understanding of formal methods of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. In Big Maths this is revisited with the Column Methods used in the CLIC sessions. 

3D Shapes



The Autumn Religion topics are Loving linked to God's unconditional love for us, Vocation and Commitment linked to Belonging and Expectations which is our Advent and Christmas topic. 

Advent Research Source 1

Advent Research Source 2

The Autumn ICT topics are 'Our Digital World' and 'Multimedia'. The children are applying their e-safety skills as well as using J2E, Hwb+, Minecraft, LEGO WeDo 2.0 and developing Digital Competence skills.

The new Year 6 Cornerstones topic is 'Ola Mexico'. We will be learning all about Mexico, history of the Mayan's, Aztecs and Incas, Tourism, Animals and Habitats, comparing life in Wales with Mexico as well as Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos).

There are some great resources on the Literacy Shed website. 


Year 6 have been learning all about Captain Scott as part of our Cornerstones Learning Project 'Frozen Kingdom'. We have looked at images from his life and expeditions to learn more about him and how he links to Cardiff. Look at the images below to see if you recognise any.

Click on the useful links below.

Wikipedia BBC Captain Scott Game Polar Institute

Year 6 are working on a homework project to write a biography of Captain Scott. Click below to see the tasks.


In Year 6 this week we have been learning all about the Titanic and that fateful maiden voyage on April 15th 1912. We have read first person accounts of the disaster and of the warning messages sent to the Captain before the accident.

Year 6 are working towards writing on a report on the sinking of the Titanic and eye witness accounts on board the stricken vessel that night.

There are some fantastic websites to learn more about this subject.

BBC Information                 Daily Telegraph Facts about the Titanic            Wikipedia/Titanic

Minecraft | The story of the Titanic

Take a virtual tour of the Titanic.