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Bright Buttons

Bright Buttons has been running for nearly 4 years. We provide daily child care for the 3-11 year old children of St. Bernadette’s Primary School. The service runs straight from school until 6.00 p.m. every school day.



The service we offer:


‘Bright Regulars

This scheme allows you to book your child/children into Bright Buttons, in advance, a half term at a time. Payment of the standard fee of £8.00 per session will remain the same but you will be committing to that place for the duration of the half term. This means it is your dedicatedplace and you have to pay for each session whether your child/children attends or not. Payment can be weekly, monthly or half termly.  Each half term starts a fresh.


Buttons Plus’

Buttons Plus is a flexible system. If you need emergency/short notice cover or favour a more causal arrangement than the Buttons Regular scheme, you can pay £9.00 per session in advance.  This, of course, is dependent on availability of places and you will need to confirm that a place is available.


Alternative payment

We also accept child care vouchers.



 About us 


We aim to maintain a trusted and happy environment, to keep prices low and uncomplicated and provide attractive, age-appropriate activities which meet the different needs and interests of children of all ages and backgrounds within our care.


Bright Buttons after school club is run by Miss Mc Laughlin (Club Manager), Miss Tierney (Play Worker) and Mrs Evans (Play Worker), who all work at St. Bernadette's Primary school.

'Children experience good interactions with carers and their emotional needs are met. This is because staff have developed a good understanding of individual children. One member of staff works in the Nursery and Reception class of the school during the day and another member of staff works in the school’s key stage two classes. This means that all children who attend the club are familiar with at least one member of staff when they first start and staff have an understanding of the individual children from the outset of care. Their work in the school also means the staff team have knowledge of the abilities and interests of the range of ages of children who attend the club.' 

 Inspection – Baseline Date of inspection – Tuesday, 18 November 2014   Date of publication – 31 December 2014



We offer a range of planned activites for children including art and crafts, cooking, board games, I.T.,  outdoor play and role play.  Friday nights are always for movies. The children always have the option to have free play or relax. 

The club seeks and takes notice of children’s views on many aspects of the provision, including activities and food. This provides children with a voice and demonstrated their rights are protected in line with United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Inspection – Baseline Date of inspection – Tuesday, 18 November 2014   Date of publication – 31 December 2014



A range of healthy snacks and drinks are provided daily at 4.30 p.m. We also cater for any specific dietary needs of the children. 

"My favourite thing about snack at Bright Buttons is when we have fruit or other food we all make together.  The staff make it creative. I liked 'Oo la la' toast and 'egg-in-bread'." 

Ellie Davies, Year 6   




 All enquires welcome. Please contact Bright Buttons After School Club on 02920 733443.