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Dear All


We are planning on returning to an almost full service from Monday 6th September 


Due to these unusual times and for the wellbeing and safety of  both the children and staff we are implementing changes from our normal Bright Buttons service.


  • All children who previously attended Bright Buttons will be eligible to return to their original arrangements.
  • Bright Buttons will be held in the school hall and accessed through the main entrance.
  • To maintain 'class bubbles' and social distancing, each family will be allocated a table in the hall. 
  • As per Welsh Government guidance, We will be spending more time outside in the junior playground. Weather pending with planned activities and games. 
  • Each child will be provided with their own pack containing art material, games musical instruments, felts, crayons and paint etc
  • Hand washing will take place at regular and planned times 
  • If your child presents any signs of illness you will be contacted and expected to pick up straight away.
  • WE WILL ONLY BE PROVIDING A BREAKFAST SNACK AT THIS TIME -so morning payments will Be £4.00per session
  • AFTER SCHOOL CLUB WILL PROVIDE A PRE PACKED SNACK AND ASK CHILDREN TO BRING THEIR WATER BOTTLES-  we cannot at this time offer hot snacks and/or extended varieties 
  • Breakfast club will begin at the normal time of 8 am and run till the children are able to join their classes- This is  only possible with the support of the school.
  • After school club will start when the children begin to finish their school day  and run to 5.45pm 
  • We ask all Breakfast club children are on site by 8.35am– due to the new start of the school day
  • BREAKFAST CLUB -On entering the school grounds we ask you and your child/ren to walk up the path and once your child/ren has been dropped of at the main entrance for you to leave down the drive.
  • AFTER SCHOOL CLUB – on entering school grounds we ask you to walk up the drive pick up you child/ren and  leave down the main path.


These are provisional plans and maybe amended when guidance changes. We have worked along side St Bernadette's so we are able to provide consistency for the children with in our club. Hopefully, we will be able to resume our normal service as soon as possible. 

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!


Yours sincerely 

Louise Mc Laughlin 

Bright Buttons Club Manager

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Print, complete and return to school.

Thank you